Julbo's Enduro Jura
Mountain biking 09 June 2017
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Julbo's Enduro Jura

The 3rd Annual Enduro Jura

The solid team of volunteers that form the Enduro Jura event is working hard in order to prepare an amazing event. The MTB party has to be bright and we’ve got the fire to light things up!
A little reminder on what this event is about: Enduro Jura by Julbo is an enduro MTB competition that plays out over the course of the weekend. It’s an “all-inclusive” concept, the riders are being taken care of from beginning to the end—the accommodations, the meals, the shuttle and the parties are prepared by the organization.

The 2017 edition:

  • 77km of which 22km on stages (the downhill timed sections),
  • 9 stages overall, 6 on saturday and 3 on Sunday.
  • 5500m of descents await the riders. Brakes will smoke !
  • To keep the legs turning, 2200m of elevation gain will be tackled. You can note a 3300m difference that will be covered by the shuttles.
  • 780m of elevation loss and 5.7km for the weekend’s last stage in order to finish. .
  • 2 stages open for training of Friday afternoon. (new for 2017)
  • 70 volunteers are on had to make sure everything will run smoothly (security, shuttles, meals, beer time games…).
  • 50kg of Comté cheese (the French finest) for refuel. Health comes first.
  • 130 riders registered.


“The number of riders is quite low compared to an EWS, it’s marketed to our “all-inclusive” concept. We really want every single person to have a great weekend and enjoy the atmosphere. If I had to describe the Enduro Jura by Julbo, I would say it's intense, authentic and friendly. Intense because the routes are looked after by François and his team guaranteeing high-tech and quality trails. Authentic because we're in the heart of the Jura Mountains. And friendly because there's a fantastic atmosphere, with meals shared together. It's on our home turf. The village we start from is just a few kilometers from Longchaumois. The Enduro Jura by Julbo is a perfect fit with the image of our company. A welcoming event that allows people from here to get together around a common project.” Grégory Thouverey Julbo France Promoter


« This year we offer 4 new stages in order to satisfy those who have ridden the first two edition » explains François Bailly-Maître, the native of Longchaumois & EWS top rider. «We try to use the existing trails to preserve nature and to avoid private land conflicts »

He goes on « he Jura Mountains are truly made for MTB enduro because you can find a great variety of trails around Saint Claude, where we shape, there are some steep sections for the most technical riders. Even if we are on the XC skiing trails, Mountain Bikes are in their rightful environment and I’m confident in how things will evolve in the following years ».


A quick look on Enduro Jura squad work on trails.

The trail building started before the snow started melting. The volunteer team, who are also riders, spend an average 1 day per week in groups of 4 to 5 people with shovels and axes. Everything is “handmade” and it’s not always easy because the soil is very rocky but they always find a solution.


Snow has melt since this picture was taken. True story.


Meanwhile, please have a look at the teaser with François Bailly-Maitre riding one of the stage.


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